An innovative regenerative dressing

supported by the SUccESS project, which aims to improve knowledge in the field of wound healing.

SUccESS is an integrative research program

and multidimensional: from biomedical innovation to skin regeneration.

Burns, a major public health issue

public health issue in the world, as highlighted by the WHO.

SUccESS Project

Burns are a major public health problem, recognized by the WHO in 2018, with a high incidence of 11 million burns each year worldwide severe enough to require medical attention.

Synergie for a
Skin Subsitute

Today, there is no treatment for burns that is able to address this major challenge.

Rapid and complete restoration of skin barrier function to prevent scarring, infection and reduce pain is a challenge. Today, there is no burn treatment that is able to meet this major challenge, especially in intermediate second-degree burns in children, which, in 80% of cases, lead to a skin graft.

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Launch of RHU SUccESS project

The official launch meeting was held on Friday, January 24, 2020 Posted on 24.01.2020 The official launch meeting of the RHU SUccESS (Synergy for a Universal Skin Substitute)…

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