SUccESS Project

Burns injuries, a major public health issue

Burn injuries are a significant health issue with nearly 11 million people, worldwide every year, suffering from burns severely enough to require medical attention.

The critical challenge relating to the treatment of burns is to fully restore the skin barrier function as quickly as possible in order to minimize the occurrence of scars, the risk of infection and pain. There is currently no burn treatment that is able to address this major challenge. This health issue is particularly significant in children, for whom the surgeon ultimately decides in 80% of the cases to perform a skin autograft.


SUccESS, translational research for innovation

SUccESS (Synergy for a UnivErsal Skin Substitute) coordinated by Prof. Dréno from Nantes University Hospital (CHUN) is a health research program involving 8 partners.

This integrative and multidimensional research program aims: 

  • To develop an innovative regenerative dressing for deep partial-thickness burn,
  • To improve the knowledge of the skin regeneration mechanisms and identify new therapeutics targets.

An innovative medical device from the encounter between the worlds of biology and physics

This innovative dressing will be easy to use, both in hospitals and, in private practices, even in medical deserts thanks to telemedicine. Thus, by being able to accelerate healing and reduce the risks of infection and pain, the device developed through the SUccESS project will constitute a real technological breakthrough in the field of burns.

The SUccESS project in practice

Introduction to SUccESS Work Packages (WP)


SUccESS, a response to multiple challenges